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about c&c

In 2010, key players from the private, the development and the research sector joined forces to address challenges posed by changing climatic conditions to the entire coffee value chain. They founded the initiative for coffee & climate (c&c) as a development partnership with the vision to enable all coffee-farming families worldwide to effectively respond to climate change. The c&c approach is currently implemented in pilot projects in Brazil, Tanzania, Trifinio (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) and Vietnam. These regions have been chosen mainly because of their strategic relevance as key coffee producing areas, representing Arabica and Robusta production, intensive and diverse growing system as well as wet and dry processing.

our vision:

Enable all coffee farmers worldwide to effectively respond to changing climatic conditions.

our mission:

We enable coffee farmers worldwide to effectively respond to changing climatic conditions by

  • combining state of the art climate change science and proven farming methods
  • offering suitable hands-on tools
  • forming a network of all relevant stakeholders in the field
  • applying a 360° precompetitive approach including the entire value chain


The methodology – the c&c approach – has been developed with more than 4.000 farmers in the four c&c regions.  Positive farmer response and evidence based results show that gross margins in coffee production can be raised when incorporating appropriate practices for adaptation into existing cropping systems. The initiative is gaining ground and will be scaled beyond the current four c&c key regions. More than 70.000 coffee farmers could benefit from c&c activities until 2019.

c&c is open and invites further dedicated partners & stakeholders in the coffee sector to join in.