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What does coffee&climate do?

In order to support coffee farmers to respond to changing climate conditions, the c&c initiative collects, consolidates and disseminates best practices for adaptation in the project regions. The coffee farmers take part in hands-on training activities, assisting them to find strategies which suit their needs. Furthermore, coffee farmers and other stakeholders have access to an online platform (the c&c toolbox, see below) in which we compile our experiences and findings from the field. By linking knowledge on climate change with proven farming methods, comprehensible and hands-on tools are developed and provided to the coffee sector worldwide.

The c&c toolbox

The c&c toolbox is a publicly available online platform which will give farmers and extension agents access to best practices, climate maps, guidelines and training materials. It invites exchange to evaluate, enrich and further developinnovative practices, and to initiate a global learning process.

Please make use of our c&c toolbox, share your experiences and provide feedback!