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External evaluation of the first phase of c&c

Brazil/ Tanzania/ Trifinio/ Vietnam, April 16th, 2015 - proudly presenting the outcomes of our first phase of the initiative for coffee & climate!

Phase 1 of c&c has focused on farm-based adaptation and developed a thorough approach enabling coffee farmers to effectively respond to climate change by identifying and implementing suitable adaptation options in their fields. The pre-competitive platform and knowledge hub, the c&c toolbox, aiming at supporting the expansion and dissemination of adaptation practices across the coffee-producing world is in place and will be continuously updated and further developed. An independent team of experts now took their time to thoroughly evaluate our activities and confirm the need and usability of our approach in their report– yet also clearly state that this mission is not yet accomplished. Further challenges are to be addressed.

Which is why we are dedicated to continue. Since 2010, the partnership and network of c&c has been constantly growing. Benefitting and building on the significant experiences gained in our pilot regions, a second phase of the initiative for coffee & climate is now aiming at providing opportunities to further upscale this work by providing access to adequate knowledge and instruments that enable coffee farmers, communities and services providers to improve climate change resilience and to increase their adaptive capacity.



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