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coffee & climate: kick-off in Brazil




Lavras, October 24th, 2011 – Coffee & climate inviting relevant parties to discuss  approaches to supporting farmers in adapting to climate change

Following the first participatory workshops with producer groups in Perdões, Brazil, the results of these sessions were presented in an interactive event announcing the beginning of the coffee & climate initiative (link) in the country. C&c invited research organizations, scientific institutions, extension services, farmers and other relevant parties to come together to discuss the results in a workshop.

Prof. Hilton S. Pinto from CEPAGRI/UNICAMP (http://www.cpa.unicamp.br), particularly renowned for his high quality research on the topic, presented the findings projecting likely impacts of climate change on coffee in Brazil. Next to representatives of GIZ and HRNS as well as the Associação Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung do Brasil , present stakeholders were EPAMIG, EMATER, UFLA, Universidade de Minas, Cooxupe, Conservation International as well as the mayor of Santo Antônio do Amparo. All participants actively engaged in the discussion of finding out which measures and/or organizations can support smallholders in their adaptation process.

To c&c, the event means a great success: the initiative’s vision of uniting diverse knowledge from the entire sector to work on approaches supporting smallholder farmers.

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