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Abonos verdes y coberturas vivas: Green fertilizers and living covers

Columbia, December 23rd, 2015 - In cooperation with the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia and the  non-profit organization Solidaridad, c&c is implementing several demo plots in Colombia. In the municipalities of La Celia, Balboa, Santuario in Risaralda and in El Aguila Valle farmers experienced how the use of Guandul as a cover crop and green fertilizer helps conserve and recuperate the soil in the context of climate change.

As one farmer puts it: "There are no disadvantages to working with Guandul. It is easy to maintain." And indeed, the demo plots have shown that Guandul grows at a fast rate, is resistant to droughts and enriches the soil with nitrogen. Furthermore, it can be planted together with other crops in any type of soil.

Take a look at the video (in Spanish) to hear what farmers have to say!

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