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c&c infopoints explained

Guatemala City, Guatemala, November 11th, 2015 - Regional c&c coordinator in Central America, Pablo Ruiz, talks about the c&c infopoints

What is a c&c infopoint?

Pablo: “The main goal of the c&c infopoints is to provide access to all information generated by the c&c initiative. Infopoints are set up in different locations, so that a big number of people has access to them. The target group consists of all those who are familiar with growing coffee. Farmers, agronomists, and any other individual interested can study different methodologies that have been tested by c&c, be it adaptation practices that have been evaluated in case studies, or any other type of information c&c has collected. This service is free of charge to everyone, promoting best agricultural practices in all of Trifinio, outside of the boundaries of the c&c initiative. That is what makes c&c a pre-competitive program. The infopoints will eventually permit the development of a tri-national exchange network for everyone involved in coffee. Maintaining this kind of dialogue would be a huge advancement for the coffee sector.”

How many infopoints are there in Trifinio?

Pablo: “Right now there are three infopoints; two in Honduras at the farmer organizations UNIOCAFE and COCREBISTOL, and one in El Salvador, at the national coffee research institute PROCAFE. These locations were chosen because it makes the information accessible to a broad range of people who are part of the coffee value chain.”

What has been the overall response to the infopoints?

Pablo: “So far people have been very excited about the idea! The infopoints will eventually permit the development of a tri-national exchange network for everyone involved in coffee. Of course there is still room for improvements; for example, we are working on making the structure of the c&c toolbox more intuitive for its users. This will allow us to reach a broader, more diverse group of people.”

What role does PROCAFE have in the development of the c&c infopoints?

Pablo: “Aside from being one of the three current locations of the infopoints, PROCAFE has committed to implementing experiments testing further methods of adaptation. This sort of real scientific proof gives more credibility to the information we provide.”

How do you feel about the c&c infopoints as the regional c&c coordinator in Central America?

Pablo: “I think the infopoints take c&c another step further towards the goal of creating a high level conversation about the issues surrounding climate change and coffee growth. There have been various studies related to that topic, however, the results are never accessible to those outside of the organization. c&c is setting an example by sharing every piece of newly learned information.”


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