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c&c kicks off its second phase


Hamburg, January 31st, 2017 - Climate change still poses a substantial threat to global agriculture. The coffee sector is particularly vulnerable to this, as the change implies decreasing land suitable for coffee production, severe droughts and extreme shifts in rainfall patterns. Realizing the importance of our role and our responsibility attached to it the initiative for coffee & climate is now officially launching its second phase. During the first phase many adaptation options have raised farmers’ resiliency to climate change and contributed to increase and stabilize income. Building on the successful experiences of the first phase, the activities will be put at scale. The second phase will advance these important achievements. Additionally, the approach is further expanded to also effectively address mitigation of carbon emissions in coffee production.  

In the spirit of promoting Climate Smart Agriculture, cooperation with other relevant actors for upgrading coffee landscapes is essential. This programming will enhance the efficiency of operations and significantly contributing to support coffee producing countries

The initiative for coffee & climate is welcoming new parties to join. The more support and participation this initiative experiences, the stronger we can dedicate its expertise and know-how to combatting the consequences of climate change for the millions of coffee farmers worldwide.

Speaking of support, we want to benefit of this occasion to thank our dedicated partners & members for their contribution!

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