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c&c at Global Coffee Forum in Milan

Milan, Italy, October 1st, 2015 – climate change has been prominently discussed at the Global Coffee Forum in Milan. The session on “Coffee and Sustainability” on October 1st, 2015 was largely dedicated to the subject with contributions of

 - Giuseppe Lavazza and Michael Opitz on coffee & climate
 - Robério Oliveira Silva, Executive Director of the ICO on the organization’s view on coffee & climate
 - Ivannia Quesada Villalobos, Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Costa Rica on the country’s coffee NAMA
 - Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University on climate change, coffee production and trade

Also other speakers of the session including Annette Pensel (Director, Sustainability Innovations, 4C Association), Jenny Kwan (Senior  Progamme  Manager  Coffee,  The  Sustainable  Trade Initiative – IDH), Prof. Gunter  Pauli (President  of  the Board, Novamont and author of the book “The Blue Economy”), Dr. Fernando Gast (Director of Cenicafé, National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia – FNC), Alejandro Keller Bock (Vice-President, Anacafé, Guatemala), Belisario  Domínguez  Méndez ( General  Director of Productivity and Technological Development – SAGARPA, Mexico), Frederick  Kawuma (Secretary  General,  Inter-African  Coffee  Organisation – IACO) and Bill Murray (President and Chief Executive Officer , National Coffee Association USA – NCA) were referring to the subject of climate change and the need of the sector to take action.

In their presentations Giuseppe Lavazza and Michael Opitz highlighted the importance and achievements of coffee & climate setting the targets for phase 2 of our initiative. They addressed the urgency of the subject in particular in view of the vulnerable situation of the many smallholder farmers dominating the production base in our sector. Building on the positive results of the pilot projects of phase 1 and the growing local ownership in the pilot countries they emphasized on the responsibility of sector participants and called for cooperation to scale the approach to thousands of farmers knowing that the ultimate target group are around 25 million coffee producers that are active in the coffee sector. They put the coffee & climate initiative into the context of the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change offering support to the global efforts to effectively address climate change.

Have a look at the presentations of coffee & climate:

Giuseppe Lavazza on c&c

Michael Opitz on c&c

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on climate change, coffee production and trade



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