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Coffee zones in Minas Gerais according to its present and future climate change characterization –What are the main areas of vulnerability to climate change?

Minas Gerais, March 31th, 2015 – understanding how climate change affects and will affect coffee production is a first step to be able to effectively address it. This is why we have commissioned Ramiro Ruiz Cardenas to evaluate climate data to identify climate behavior and trends at regional level.

Wet-get-wetter and dry-get-drier and the warming behavior which is evident in all regions of the state Minas Gerais leads to the following projected suitability maps for C. arabica (see figure on the right) and C. canephora.

Climate change assessment for MG Brazil with focus on coffee areas_Part 1

Climate change assessment for MG Brazil_climate projections_Part 2

A presentation with the main findings is also available in the c&c toolbox (in Portuguese)

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