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coffee & climate join forces with Anacafé


Guatemala City, February 15th, 2017 - coffee & climate is happy to announce the newest partnership in Central America with Anacafé which will strengthen the Guatemalan coffee sector by tackling climate change.

The formalization of this new collaboration will help coffee & climate to continue the mission of empowering coffee families by providing the knowledge and tools to equip producers to be more resilient to unpredictable weather events. Anacafé (the National Coffee Institute of Guatemala) is a private non-profit organization constituted by the coffee growers of the Republic of Guatemala. This new partnership recognizes the opportunity to cooperate in the development of research and training strategies regarding climate related challenges within the coffee sector. The idea is to exchange knowledge, further ideas and improve yields while fostering environmental conservation. This happens via the dissemination and promotion of adaptation and mitigation practices to climate change through the implementation of climate related services. Some examples are demo plots, trainings for trainers and other improving adaptation and mitigation strategies. Furthermore, these demo plots will help promote technological innovations and other achievements, such as knowledge management.

With the training coffee & climate provides to Anacafé, extension agents and affiliated producers will be guided along the c&c approach. Working together with Anacafé is complementary, as equipment, technical personnel and even facilities required to carry out the activities will be shared.

This new cooperation will increase the outreach of coffee & climate and benefit farmers affiliated to Anacafé. It is one more step to help coffee farmers adapt to any climate challenge.  

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