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COP21: leading coffee sector players pledge to address climate change in producing landscapes


Paris, December 5th, 2015 - Benefitting of the COP21, our committed partners have decided to launch an official statement documenting their pledge to address climate change in producing regions.

Worldwide, the livelihoods of ca. 100 million people depend on coffee. It is a key commodity in more than 70 developing countries, and a main element of many (sub)-tropical landscapes. If the severe consequences of climate change will not be addressed, not only the coffee sector but also the livelihoods of all these smallholders are compromised.

To underline their pledge, the partners of coffee & climate declare to strive to (extract from the statement):

  • explore options for public-private partnerships that aim to develop and strengthen more sustainable and high quality coffee supply chains;
  • support responsible use of resources (energy, fertilizer, water, soil, land) in coffee production and the transition of farming units into sustainable and high quality production systems, with a particular focus on productivity, mitigation and the benefits of adaptation;
  • participate in, and actively contribute to, relevant fora and processes working towards the implementation and scaling up of adaptation and mitigation initiatives in coffee growing countries, aligned with Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs).

“We believe that our sector, coffee, can assume a leadership role in promoting sustainable land use practices and sustainable production systems for a wide range of other commodity crops”, commented Mario Cerutti (Lavazza), Chairperson of coffee & climate Steering Committee.

To read the entire statement, please click here.

A concept note explains the contribution in greater detail.



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