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HRNS presenting c&c in Ethiopia: Inspiring debates on sustainability

Addis Ababa, February 15th - 18th, 2012 – Ethiopia, cradle of coffee and venue of this years' African Coffee Sustainability Forum and the 9th African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition. Next to numerous representatives of the coffee sector, coffee & climate (c&c; started by ICP's founding members as well as GIZ and implemented by HRNS, GIZ and CABI) was invited to contribute its recent insights on sustainable development opportunities in the global coffee market in two events well renowned in the world of coffee.

Sustainable coffee resumed: the 2nd African Coffee Sustainability Forum

February 15th: local and international experts gather in Addis Ababa. The forum, jointly organized by the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA; previously EAFCA) and the 4C Association, raised the topic of “Creating market access through sustainable practices”. Offering new inspirations, Mika Adler, Project Manager of C&C, gave an overview to the initiative’s development of a toolbox, with which farmers shall be enabled to effectively adapt to and deal with climate change issues.

The 9th African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition

From February 16th to February 18th the AFCA held its 9th conference. A diversity of renowned speakers was invited to share their knowledge, and Michael Opitz was given the opportunity to present the c&c toolbox in more detail. He lined out that public and private partners embarked on a joint effort to develop this toolbox, which assembles a wide range of techniques and approaches intended to assist farmers in adapting to the consequences of climate change. These practices range from analyzing tools to identify vulnerabilities and existing climate hazards to measures for adaptation, as well as the identification of financing systems. In short: the c&c toolbox shall represent a milestone in applicable know-how to the coffee sector, supporting farmers in dealing with these new challenges.

Strengthening smallholder farmers to ensure their livelihood now and tomorrow – a win-win situation to the entire sector.

Mika at the 4C Forum Presentation of the toolbox Conference overview 4C Forum

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