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Radio interview with Pablo Ruiz, c&c coordinator in Trifinio

Guatemala, March 4th, 2016 - On February 14th, 2016 a local radio station (Stereo Hits 96.7) in Guatemala transmitted an hour long interview about coffee & climate activities in the region. Local c&c coordinator Pablo Ruiz defined climate change and explained how c&c activities help smallholder coffee farmers find adaptation methods adequate for their unique situations.

Pablo explains that there are several different micro-climates within Guatemala. Being a relatively small country, you can however, for example, find temperatures in the mid-thirties in one part of the country while having significantly lower temperatures around 10°C in another. This is a big challenge and the reason why there cannot be one global, or even one regional solution to the multifold problems smallholder coffee farmers face due to climate change. Based on experiments on demonstration plots, c&c develops adaptation methods specific to these micro-climates.

In the interview Pablo also describes the network and collaboration of international and national partners within c&c, the approaches used to define useful adaptation methods, the reaction and feedback from smallholder coffee farmers on the work of c&c and the long-term goal of the initiative.

To find out more, listen to the full interview (in Spanish) here.


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