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The Moment We Have All Been Waiting for... c&c Unveils the toolbox!

Hamburg, February 18, 2013 - The c&c toolbox has finally come to life!  It was unveiled at the 2013 AFCA conference, with the presence of hundreds of farmer and producer organizations and over 1,000 regional and international coffee professionals.   
The toolbox now provides access to the latest insights in a publicly available online platform. Its idea is to enable smallholder coffee farmers to adapt to climate change, by compiling guidelines, training materials and other didactic material. AFCA participants were thrilled with the new platform and excited to initiate a global learning process to improve our coffee farmer’s resilience to climate change. 
We would like to mark this moment as the beginning of a new era and invite you to join us on this journey!
To access the coffee & climate toolbox click here

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