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Tooling up for Climate Change – The coffee sector applauds c&c

Belo Horizonte, September 13th, 2013 – The excellent turnout at the coffee & climate (c&c) workshop series, which introduced the c&c methodology and invited joint collaboration, can only mean one thing: that the impacts of climate change are being felt here and now and that the consolidation of relevant knowledge is highly appreciated. After innovative and motivating discussions at the Semana Internacional do Café, the excitement of the “Tooling up for Climate Change” workshop series will continue to resonate through an ever growing c&c network. Country missions and delegates to the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) having conferences in Belo Horizonte for its 50th anniversary were introduced to c&c and encouraged the organization to join forces in order to help farmers adapt to the rapidly changing climatic conditions. Equally, private sector representatives, standards, development organizations, NGOs, and research institutes from Brazil and abroad actively participated in the c&c workshops suggesting to further strengthen the approach through cooperation, sharing of experiences and working together for reaching out and bringing c&c to scale.

Climate change is an on-going, ever-changing and unpredictable phenomenon which threatens to jeopardize the livelihoods of millions of farmers and is a serious hazard to the coffee sector as a whole. The c&c approach provides a systematic, comprehensive and practical way of addressing changing climatic conditions in the field through a continuous learning process. It is a cycle of components including local risk assessment, identification of potential solutions, field validation and continuous monitoring and evaluation. Likewise, the c&c toolbox is a living online platform, which serves to document, share and continuously evaluate the applicability and effectiveness of identified tools and practices with all involved.

The commitment of workshop participants and ICO delegates to cooperate in the further development, strengthening and global dissemination of both the c&c approach and the c&c toolbox once more highlights the growing recognition and appreciation of the initiative inside the global coffee sector. 

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