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Where the rubber meets the road: c&c publishes article in AFCA Review Magazine

Hamburg, October 24th, 2012 – Heavy rainfalls, heat-waves, hail… changes in weather and climate patterns are already affecting agriculture worldwide and are becoming increasingly evident in important coffee producing countries and regions. These phenomena are not only predicted to affect tomorrow´s supply and quality of the popular commodity, but are already beginning to affect the livelihood of those most vulnerable to climate change: smallholder coffee farmers themselves. 

In the current issue of the African Fine Coffee’s Review magazine, the initiative for Coffee & Climate (C&C), implemented by HRNS' daughter company E.D.E. Consulting, was invited to present its innovative ideas to tackle these challenges. The article depicts c&c´s current vision which brings together proven farming methods and local knowledge to improve farmer´s production methods and to enhance the resilience of their production systems to climate change with four pilot projects in Brazil, Tanzania, Guatemala and Vietnam. To read the C&C report, please click here.

At the core of the initiative stands the c&c toolbox, comprised of a collection of tools, techniques, practices and instruments that smallholder famers can use to improve their resilience to climate change. We are excited to share this very first act of revealing the C&C toolbox at the 10th African Fine Coffee Conference in February 2013 in Kampala, Uganda!

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